Friday, April 30, 2010

Up and Runnin'!

Here's Brandon! We had a great time... He has a booth at Sisters' Garden, is having fun, gathering all sorts of wonderful treasures for his darling area! Brandon is a real trooper, and helped me load... What a Guy!
I snapped these images while toolin' round the track... There were a lot more vendors, than I thought would be there! The wind was horrific, and today, severe storms are looming.... I hope to beat the rain... the track is 'mud soup' at What Cheer, when the rain hits it!
This is the 1.00 an item, guy... Next to him, the 2.00 per item, guy... Brandon and I scrounged through the boxes, searching for a treasure... we always drag some gnarly fragments out of here!
This is Dan Bean...I love Dan... He is friends with the American Picker Dudes.... He was on their first show, and I knew Dan wouldn't take any crap off of them! He didn't! I have known Dan, for many years, and been to his home, and dug through his buildings... He is a Cool Cat!
Sweet Ginger! She and Garth were busy setting up the booth... They had all sorts of fun stuff! I didn't get out of the pickup, by the time I found her, my poor foot, with, what I think is a heal spur, was telling me to get off of it... It needed a little rest... I hope to visit with her, today...out of the truck!
Headed back to What Cheer this morn... I'll be in the shop, and try and make a little sense of it, first... John and I had to tear the back of the shop apart, to get the Dry Sink in, last night... A few naughty words, pinched fingers, and scraped knuckles, and the Old Girl, has found a new resting place! I need to get the shop picked up, before I head out.... Brandon is picking up his treasures, from our trip, then I'll be on my way... Hope the rain holds off!
Barb C.


Sweet Repose said...

Green with envy you too much goin' on...great dry sink...would've loved to see that move into the shop...ha!!!

Love Brandon, can't wait to see what he drags in...have a great day sista!!!

summersundays-jw said...

I've always wanted to go to what Cheer so thanks for the info. Do you ever get tired, girl. I'm going to take a nap in your honor. Have a great weekend. Jan

T said...

It was fun to run into you at the flea! It was PERFECT weather Thursday wasn't it! If I don't run into you before, I will see ya on Memorial Day weekend!