Monday, April 26, 2010

Still Runnin' from the 'Steam Roller'!

Spent Sunday, pretty relaxed... Until my friend Mark called... { not 'show partner Mark', another Mark} He had a garage full of stuff, he needed gone, so I obliged! He shot me very fair prices, and we loaded up! 2 Pie Safes, a Victorian Door, a Stoneware Cupboard, a huge wooden box and a beautiful Victorian, curved back, tufted Sofa! It was a pretty darned good load! As I was driving across town, to take a gander at Mark's treasures..... I was thinking about Stanley and Klarika... My Artist friends... I haven't seen them, in so long.... Then, just this morning, I noticed my phone was flashing... Stanley and Klarika were at the Shop, about the same time, I was driving past their neighborhood...somehow, I didn't hear the cell...{ must be the masking tape, John put on last week, holding the little phone together, that is muffling the ring...} I was soooo sorry I had missed them... Several months ago, I wrote about running into them at Antiques of Marion.... I had just purchased a beautiful oil painting, from the 1800's, that unfortunately Steve K. { the Proprietor} had accidentally put a hole in... He sold it to me, for very little, with the damage....{ Everyone knows, I see this as part of it's journey... No worries... I love it anyway....} It was a 'Still Life', which I adore, and it had CORN with all the fruit!!!! I have always wanted an oil paintings with corn... There it was.... Just as Carolyn A.{ she was riding 'shotgun' that day!} and I were leaving, Stanley and Klarika were walking in! { I had actually just thought of Stanley, that very moment, as Steve was referring me to someone who could repair it...If, I chose to repair it... sometimes, I would rather see the hole, than a 'bad' modern I would do! {actually, every time... I have learned to leave things, simply 'as found'....} Stanley said he could fix it, I have seen his unbelievable work, I had no doubt....So, I sent it home with them... They brought it to me, yesterday....And I Missed 'em.... Well, we'll hook up, sometime this week... I just ran down to the shop to take a peek... oh my... Stanley is absolutely Amazing.... Patty from Fern Hill, just rang, she and Steph had 2, "Blow Your Doors Off ", "Barn Burner!" fabric shows!!!!! Back to back, Chicago, and Paducha.... They are exhausted, but thrilled! Patty said they had folks waiting 35 minutes to pay, at their booth! The lines were that long, for Steph's Original Fabric!!!! I am sooo happy for them... They work, so incredibly hard, they deserve to do Gangbusters!!!! I really think things are picking up! The shows have been pretty darned good to us, as well! Hope it keeps, keepin' on! I gotta run... Get printing done, get my fanny in gear! Go, Take on the Day! Barb C.

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