Monday, April 12, 2010

The Mid West Show...

Oh my... Where do I begin... It was Absolutely Amazing.... We had a Great Show.... Unfortunately, I was sooooo incredibly busy, all day, { starting at 7 a.m., to get the booth done, and then the show opened at 10, I hardly ever left the booth... sorry no images of the show... sorry Janet....} Every single booth was totally over the top... Polly said it was her way best show ever, there... It was amazing.... It truly was like Heart of Country.... Some of the most unusual things, I have ever seen.... The crowd was wonderful, and they stayed all day! The biggest complaint, from the customers, is 6 hours of show, is not nearly long enough to see it all! They where blown away!!! Liz was a God Send, and even came early Sunday morning, to put the finishing touches on... I wish I could have gotten out, to shop, and take pictures... Mary Sellon { Dark Horse Antiques} popped in, and we had a wonderful visit... I should have had her snap some pics! Well, shoulda, coulda, woulda! Everyone was there... Either setting up, or shopping! Ginger, and the Red Queen, popped in, for a visit... Sarah and Matt... Tommie, from Fuel... Amy, from Nest... Barb, Deb and Brent, from Sisters' Garden and Bloom... Wanda, from Gatherings... Sue and Mike, from Antiques of Marion... Barb and Dan, from Park Place... Sweet Linda, an avid collector... Jean, from Oski... Laura, from Ankeny... the Girls from Willows... Leah and Lynn, from Southern Iowa... Don, from Springville.... I could go on and on... It was like a family reunion! It was quite the Gathering!!!! I visited with some of the other dealers, after the show... some did better than others, but that's usually how it goes... No rhyme or reason... I thought everyone had great stuff, and displayed their treasures beautifully... If you didn't make it, be sure and make plans for the October Show... You won't be sorry! I had unbelievable interest in the developer... One man, is very, very serious... he had bought so much, he didn't have room for it... He is from New York... I said, maybe I could deliver, during Brimfield... I have never been there, so, I might consider taking a trip... There is also a local friend, who is considering it... We shall see... I absolutely love it... It was the talk of the show... and everyone wanted to know all of the history... It is truly amazing... It really looked cool, all displayed out, with the gnarly Mad Hatter hats, and all the cool fragments Liz displayed inside it! Fun Fun!!!!
I'm on the road tomorrow, picking up. and making deliveries... It'll be a long, long day...
Thanks to everyone, for their purchases, and just stopping by the booth! All of the promoters were great! Tom and Cathy R., Tom and Paula V., Louie and Colleen P., and from the wonderful Collector's Eye, Colleen Boland F. and Dale F. Both shows were over the top!
It is a ton of work, for everyone, but everyone pulled it together, to make a totally over the top show... It is a true gift, for this area.... It was so fun, to be a part of it!
Barb C.


Anonymous said...

WOW!!!!!!! What more can I say?

Matt said...

We had a great weekend to Barb! Sarah had her best show yet! Now all I get to hear is Pennsylvania is this Saturday ahhhhhhhh! If u can't tell Sarah is super excited to go. Ur booth was great as always! Love ya!

Anita said...

The booth looks awesome Barb. You put so much work into it and it just looks wonderful.

kornkribprimitives said...

This show was absolutely amazing!!
It's almost overwhelming to see so many things with so much history in one place.
Barb's booth was amazing!!!! It's hard to explain what it feels like to walk into Barb's booth. It's like walking into another world. Everywhere you look, there is a story. It's truly like being in another dimension. Barb, you truly have a great gift for decorating. I've never seen anyone else decorate and display things so beautifully!
It's funny because I was going to buy this little animal trap that I thought was a mouse trap and got to talking and forgot about it. Well, my hubby came out to the truck with He thought the same thing, thought it was a mouse trap but it wasn' It amazes me how we think

I have to give a shout out to your daughter. Those hats were SO AWESOME!!!! They looked liked Mad Hatter's Hats. You know, now that I think about it, walking into your booth is like visiting Wonderland!!! Now I know what Alice felt like.
You are a dear and I would walk across the building 10 times to find you and just say hello..OH! and get my hug!!!!
Blessings, Linda