Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lock it Up! Vintage Padlock Trade Sign!

Peg and I went out to Dale's Beautiful Family Farm, last night, and Peg got the tour.... She loved it! Said she could move right in! Dales Grandparents, Parents, and now, Dale have lived here... It's a beautiful, peaceful place... He has furnished it, with early primitives, but not too much... It's not wall to wall, it's just right... Dale has done a great job... { Peg and I thought we should be the 'House Sitters', instead of his other friends!} This Wonderful old Trade Sign, is one of his latest gatherings... It is double sided, and is made out of tin! You can see the size of this piece, as Dale is holding it... It is totally Awesome!!!! He is only asking 1500.00 for it, I'll bet it will fly out of the Mid West Show, next Sunday! You simply don't see Trade Signs like this, anymore... And if you should, I would expect to see double this price! It was a real treat, to see his collections, and visit... Dale is on his way, this morning to Mo. To spend Easter with all of his children, and brand new Grand Daughter... I just got off the phone with him, double checking the price for the lock, and he sounded like he was in Heaven... As much as he loves antiquing, it truly pales, to his love of his Children... He is a Great Dad.... His Children are very fortunate... Happy Easter! Barb C.

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