Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Image of the Cupboard...

Hey... What can I say... I was tired... Here's a great shot of the back, of the base... Yeah, there are 8 drawers, on the other side... You'll see them tomorrow... Yes, both of the sliding glass doors made it... In fact, everything made it, safe and sound... I was about half way home, and I always keep a close eye on the load, in the mirrors... I was toolin' down '80', semi's blowin' my doors off, and I thought, I couldn't see one of the ratchet straps.... I always over strap, just in case something should let go... and I NEVER trust bungies.... It was a good thing, I had over strapped... one of my straps was cut, clean in two...{ You can see my repair, on the red strap... I double knotted it, some how, both ends fell back inside the bed, and didn't go flyin' out the back...} The load held.... If I would have just used what most would, the old cupboard never would have made it home... Thank God for Angels, and my Dad, teaching me to go that extra mile... Better pics in the morn! Barb C.


ginger said...

I see your tie job are you sure you were never a boy scout" Always be prepared" and those are some fancy knot tieing skills.Love the cupboard you seem to have a knack or else you are always in the right place at the right time. Maybe it's a couple of those angles on your shoulder.
Any way trying to have fun with this blog stuff. My plan is to come by and see you, but you know the drill from now til the end of the month top priority is WHAT CHEER. I will be working at Park Place on Fri. this week if you happen to get that directon. take care and kiss melter one time for every cig you don't smoke. GOOD JOB keep up the good work.

sue in mexico mo said...

Don't ever use bungies! Dangerous!
Good looking load.