Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day on the Road!

Spent the day making 'pick-ups' and deliveries.... It was great fun, being out on the road, again...Only covered about 250 miles, and hit most every place I wanted to... The two darling corner cupboards where delivered to the most darling home, in Rock Island, Illinois.... Oh my, I could have so easily just moved right in... Those corner cupboards are so lucky!!!! By the time I had unloaded, and toured the darling little cottage home, of the cupboards... I had missed a call, from Dick T. the sweet man who sold me the Queen Mother Cupboard, from the old Victorian Mansion, in Davenport, where the estate sale had been, a few weeks ago... Oh my... I never thought I'd wind up with this Big Daddy! It's from the turn of the last century, is original finish, over oak...It has a slight 'Mission' flavor, to it's style... Simple, yet, elegant... It is the coolest old cupboard... it has old gnarly velvet inside, and several long, wooden hooks, almost like harness hooks, on the inside top, covered in velvet... So strange... So incredibly cool... It has two sliding glass doors, on top, and eight substantial drawers, in the base... Thankfully, it is two pieces... It must be around 6 1/2 feet wide, by 7 1/2 feet tall... And a bit on the hefty side... Dick also had a darling old chandelier, from the kitchen of Mr. Von Maur... Yes, the department store 'Von Maur'... I had to have it! I think it's from Italy, but instead of flowers, like they usually are adorned with, this has grapes and leaves... very sweet.... He also wanted a new home for a lovely tall poster rope bed, I believe, in walnut.... It has an interesting form, like none I have ever seen... Found some cute lawn chairs, wonderful old photographs, from Springville, Iowa...{That's near me...} Wonder how they found their way to Illinois? If they could only speak... I picked up groceries, on the way home, and am pooped out... But since I have been such a slacker, about my blog, the last couple of weeks, I thought I'd better talk to you, before my tired old body hit the recliner... and melted into 'Wonderland'... I'll have much better images tomorrow... I really put these on, as a joke, for my Pals, who want to take a look at the cupboard... Well, there it is.... Get the picture? I'll have a good one on in the morn! Sweet Dreams! Barb C.


Gatherings said...

I see no pictures!

Gatherings said...

got it I even see your potatoes