Friday, April 23, 2010

A Day In The Fryin' Pan!

Oh my... Spent the entire day, 'Salin'', not 'sailin', Salin'...Pals, Dave and Tammy gave me a ring, about their garage sale... That I totally Love running to, and hit several more, while I was in Williamsburg! City Wide, don't ya know... As I was making the 4o mile trek, the phone rang, it was Bud, {Renates, Amana, Iowa} he said a man had called,{ by the way, Bud had no idea I was en-route, to that very town, when he phoned, to 'Sale'...} had a garage full of antiques, and was taking appointments.... Bud couldn't go, so he gave me the Man's number! I called him, set up a time, and went about hitting all the sales in Williamsburg! My first stop was at Dave and Tammy's... They always have the most, cool stuff, and always affordable...They set it up so nice, and really do a great job! Their place was packed, every time I drove by... I bought some cool stuff from them, an early hand made, almost folk art'ish Victorian dresser {John says we should keep it!} a McCormick Deering Oil can { Before the company was International Harvester} a gnarly old box, cool old iron legged table, a huge white cat, and lots more! Then I started running the other sales, ran into Steve K. {Antiques of Marion, Marion, Iowa} I have known Steve for years... He is a wonderful soul, always keeps his prices very fair, and will work with you... Just an all 'round 'Good Guy'.... He said, "hey, I was just at an appointment, and the guy has some things, I think you are going to want"...{ He was on the phone, with 'show partner' Mark, to get my number...} See.... now this is what I'm talkin' about.... Angels... Tammy, calling, reminding me, about the sale... I would have missed it... Bud, calling me, as I'm en-route, to the very town, where the man was from... For good measure, Steve, being sure I didn't miss out... Angels... I'm telling you... Bud and Steve are in the business... they didn't have to look out for me... but they did... I hooked up, with the Man... Garth... What a nice guy, for the appointment.... The 'Man Angels', above, are Garth's Crew { Iowa Mobile Concrete, Williamsburg, Iowa} { Garth is 3rd from the left} I didn't catch the other guys names... or if I did, I have forgotten...{ My memory cells are totally gone... I'll remember them, just not names...}{ we were really moving fast! Those guys that do concrete, get'er done!}but they were amazing... they helped load, and strap everything down! I barely had to touch a thing! I asked them if they would like to come home with me, to unload... ah, not so much...dang... I purchased a HUGE Step Back Cuboard { 5 feet wide, by at least 7 1/2 feet tall, thankfully, in 2 pieces...} 2 heavy, heavy, built in cupboards, a wonderful, early, never painted, walnut, straight front cupboard, a gnarly stained glass Victorian door, and a pile of 'smalls'! Oh my... That was a load! I decided to run that load back home, and come back, to pick up the treasures from Dave and Tammy... When I got home, John was nowhere to be found... So, I unloaded what I could, then waited as long as I could...{ I had to get back to Williamsburg... more sales were opening in the afternoon!} Still, no John... So I attempted to unload one of the huge 'built ins', myself... well.... it took a fall... thankfully not on top of me, but, close... It didn't get hurt too bad, but it was a wild ride....About then John showed up... Grrr.... We got everything unloaded, and tucked away, then I headed back south... Popped in at Vivian and Fred Becker's...{Maple Tree Corner Antiques, Williamsburg, Iowa} They always have a yard sale, during 'City Wide', and they are the sweetest couple... I found lots of fun stuff there! An 1885 Store Ledger, from Williamsburg, some neat old Mourning beads, a pair of early, bisque goblets, with a mocha glaze, and the SWEETEST chalkware Hen, that is also a bank, and egg holder... oh my... I just Love that little Hen! I got everything loaded, and headed home... then, unloaded, delivered a piece of furniture to Mark, thankfully Dale F. popped over, and helped unload at Mark's, or I would have been on my own... enough of that, for one day! It was quite the day... I am on the road again, today... Concrete... oh my.... loads of concrete... Wish I would have got the guys numbers, yesterday... they do 'concrete'....Ah.... the fun, truly, never ends...
Go take on the day!
Barb C.

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