Monday, April 19, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday...

John took the camera, and shot dozens of wonderful images, around the yard... These are a few of my 'fav's'...
I didn't get the truck unloaded.... But, spent time with Peg, Liz and Nick... Had great folks stop by, fellow blogger, 'T', and her hubby, from Washington, Iowa popped in, we had a nice chat. Had some Professional Photographers, stop in, and ask if they could do some photo shots, I think for a wedding, or graduation... I always let them... I am so happy to see young folks, WANT to be a part of this gnarly old stuff! Neighbor, and friend, David called, as we were loading Peg's truck... I have promised to get to his house and pick up a bunch of block, I think since last fall...Nick and Liz, just happened to be here, and we went up, and got it done! I thought there where only a dozen or so, blocks.... Oh my gosh! The mud flaps where skinin' the highway, all the way home...Then, we had to unload, so Liz and Nick could use the truck, to haul the mower... Ooops! { like David said, it was perfect timing!}
I'll be headed back to Duwa's, sometime today, to get another load of furniture... Oh my goodness... I have no idea where it's going to go.... Guess I'll figure that out, when I get home.... The Fun Never Ends!!!
Go, Take on the Day!
Barb C.


T said...

I LOVED visiting your store! It was beyond words darling! It was great to meet you too of course and you will be seeing more of me!! Have a great day!

Rug Cottage said...

I'd have you stop by on your way back to Wellman, but I'll be gone most of the day with a dental appointment and errands...

Glad you got some great new treasures!!!

Happy Spring

My Grama's Soul said...

I love Iowa. My best friend is from there, and she could not wait to leave, I don't understand that because I think the state is simply charming.

(o: (o: