Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ahhhh.... Treasures.....

I found this image, the other day... a little girl... feeding her chickens.... this, and other paper,{ the document below, included} were found in Illinois, but have reference to Springville, Iowa, which is a hop, skip and a jump from here! How cool is that!
Found the fun, Victorian Era books, while shopping at Maple Tree Corner, in Williamsburg, Iowa, last week.... Vivian always has lots of fun stuff!
This is an image of a lamp, in the shop... It's gnarled up with lace, and jewelry, even an early tea cup... and to top it off, hanging by a wire, a Victorian Sugar Urn.... Gotta Love It!
An old 'Texaco' tin pail... just for fun, to have hangin' round!
I love Currier and Ives Prints... My friend Eudora collected these... the 'Littles'... Just the ones titled, with 'Little' before the subject's name... I found these at a yard sale in Williamsburg, and was thrilled... They are from around the 1870's, and are darling... Eudora would have been sooooo excited....3 of them, at one stop!
Found this fragment, of an old "White" sewing machine drawer, at the city wide sales....I have it displayed in the shop, in "Paul Bunion" { The Monster White Cupboard, that holds all of the Ironstone!}
I am a sucker, for any vintage Iowa stuff... I haven't seen this butter box before... I am sure they may be common, in Southern Iowa... but... I live north of 80, and it's like a different world up here... { Just ask Lynn, he'll tell ya!} { Just say "oil"... If you pronounce it "ol", your from south of 80... My brother and Dad, said "ol", I am multi lingual... if I'm in the south, my accent leans that way... in the north, even up in Minnesota... the "oh yah's" and "you betcha's", just roll off my lips... just call me the 'accent camillian'...}

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Betty G said...

Love all your treasures-especially the little girl feeding the chickens. My aunt Mary who is in her late 80s still complains that she was the one who had to feed the chickens. The expression on the little girl's face reminds me of Aunt Mary's-precious! Luv~Betty