Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peg...the little bird....

Peg and I worked in the yard, yesterday.... Well, mainly, Peg... She's kind of like a little bird, scratching for a worm... Very focused... And working in 'double time'... My, my.... Carolyn A. popped out, and dug right in, none of us had much time to visit.... We fought the gale force winds, all day, and that really wears ya out! We ran over to Val's, and delivered a table, and Peg got a grand tour, of Val's beautiful home, and gardens... It was such fun! Wanda {gatheringsiowa} called, yesterday morning, to tell me Whoopie Goldburg was wearing a 'Mad Hatter' hat, on the View... I asked her if it was as cool as the ones Liz had made, and she said it wasn't.... I ran to see it too... It wasn't... Liz's hats, are adorable... I had a call yesterday morning, from a friend who wants some of them, for her store.... Not til after Mid West... I really want to have them debut, there! Peg, Liz, Steph, and her girls, are all going with, to see Alice in Wonderland, tonight! It will be great! I had better get goin', Peg will be here soon! Barb C.

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