Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh My Gosh!!!!!

O.k..... Started out this morning, with work on the brain... Had to run to Polly's {pollyanns} and check out some stuff, that she had told me about, then, it was back home, to get busy... Then, Pal, Wanda called... and, now that I think of it... I called her, just as she was calling me, AND she had just left me an e-mail, as I was calling her... Oh, this was fate...Anyhow, she asked if I was going to the tag sale, in Davenport... I didn't know about a tag sale, in Davenport... I was just in Davenport YESTERDAY!!!! She and I discussed it, but it was getting late, the sale started at 9:00, and it was an hour and a half away... I kind of decided, I'd pass...But.... I just couldn't stop thinkin' about that sale... When I got to Polly's, I asked her if she'd like to ride, and she was up for it, so we flew! We took our time, and got there around noon... That was good... They had over 200 people waiting, at 9:00... We walked right in, and scored BIG! The sale was in a huge Victorian Mansion... The people who had lived there, were photographers... The last 100 years.... There were props, and all sorts of the coolest stuff! Oh My Gosh!!!! I made a bee line for the basement... where I found a wonderful walnut harvest table, a huge store counter...Needs lots of work, but it's way cool! And... Another 'Major Award'... Oh my gosh... It's on hold... Mark made a bee line, for the shop, when I described it to him... Everyone was all over this thing... I can't tell you, how many people stopped, as I was loading it, to say, it was the coolest thing, at the sale... Followed by, "What is it?" I am not sure, but, it's something to do with glass negatives... I see it, as a Conservatory... it spins, and if all the little panes had glass, it would be amazing... I bought a wall,{ huge} that is from the 20's, and was used for a prop, it has wheels, and will be perfect for the shows...Polly is going back, with her trailer, in the morning, I'm going too, to finish picking up... I am totally exhausted, and need to find some rest... Sweet Liz, popped out... With THE MAD HATTER HATS!!!! { She made them!} They are soooo cool! Can't wait to get the booth set! It is going to be GNARLY!!!! Gotta Go...Tired, Filthy... did I mention, I am tired... Good Night !
Barb C.

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