Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Birthday, to Son, Justin... The little leprechaun! { well, not so little... 6'1 or 2', and 235 pounds! He was almost 10 pounds, when he was born!} He is 25, today... I can't believe it... A quarter of a century... Wow... Where have the years gone... He's quite the Man... He has always kept us on our toes! He likes us to think, he's " Mr. Tuff Guy", and he, maybe, can be... But he is a softy, at heart... He, like us, loves animals, and doesn't want to see the 'underdog', get hurt... When he was 18, my Sister, Chery was dieing... Justin was at home, and I was taking care of Chery, during the day, at her home... Except, the day she died... Liz had been in a car accident,{ not her fault, but we had to appear} and we had to be in court... My phone was off, so as we left the court house, I checked the messages, to find out, Chery had passed away, just minutes before... I went straight to Chery's, to find Justin's truck there... He had a feeling, he needed to see Aunt Chery, that day.... Skipped school, drove out to see her, and was holding her hand, when she passed away... How many 18 year old 'Tuff Guys" would do that.... I don't know too many people, at all, that would do that... He loved his Aunt Chery... She never missed a birthday, for the kids... They would wait for her call, on their birthdays, in the morning, first thing... Their eyes would light up, when they talked to her... Yes, he is quite a Lad... Just this fall, he was out on the 4 wheeler, and found a Fawn... He called, and said he was afraid to leave it, it might die... I told him, the Mama, was close by, and it would be o.k. You would never guess, by looking at him, that he would be so very tender hearted... A couple of years ago, his little dogs, snuck out of John's shop, while John was up at the house, for a few minutes...{ the door didn't latch, behind him...} We searched for days, had ads in the paper, a 500.00 reward, for the little girls... Rafted the creek, drove for miles, talked to everyone, I mean everyone... I finally got a call, from a man, working on the railroad... weeks later... {we didn't give up...} He had seen two dead dogs, on the tracks, not far from home... Justin walked for miles, 'til he found them... and brought their little bodies home, and he buried them here... under the pine tree... I was in Minnesota, when that call came in... The poor man, that called, really had no idea, how incredibly hard, we would take it... I guess he just thought they were 'dogs'... Family, to us... Justin is a dear soul.... Yeah, Mr. Tuff Guy, Happy Birthday...

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