Friday, February 12, 2010

That's Life...

I like Sinatra... I Love this song... I can relate, whole heartedly! Made my apologies, to John, yesterday, for shaking my finger at him, and the truck dealer... I fixed him a nice supper,{ John, not the dealer... if he never sees me again, it'll be too soon...} and there is peace in the house... I have folks coming, early this morn, I am up early, so I can go down and shovel... Yep, more snow... I think we are getting pretty used to it.... I bought some morning glory seeds, yesterday, and can already see them, climbing the old iron Cemetery Entrance, I have at the shop... One is called 'Scarlett O'Hara', and it will be stunning.... I have to get a new memory card, I'll have images later! Barb C.


Laura said...

When will you plant the seeds? I live in Zone 9, and I am anxious to start planting things.


elizabeth said...

That song is so great, it like thrownin your hands up and saying okay i accept it. Thats just life. Well usually for me it's "thats MY life". Ha Ha. I know you dont think so, but you and Dad crack me up. You were made for each other!
Welp I got my basement cleaned out AND my bedroom is empty(except for that gorgeous black cupboard) Love ya!