Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Our Ground Hog, DID NOT See Her Shadow!!!

We have had a Ground Hog Family, residing in our barn, for at least 15 years... Mama Ground Hog, shows off her brood, in April, when the clover is sweet, she and her Babes, come out, and take in the Sun...{ I'm sure there have been a few generations, but all we ever see, are Mama, and 2 babes, every spring...} I can tell you, with absolute certainty, Mama, did not see her shadow.... So, for Eastern Iowa, it SHALL be an Early Spring... That's That! End of discussion, Tulips and Daffodils, get ready!
I ran outside, and snapped an image of our little gnome, sitting on a post...He doesn't see his shadow either! No Shadows!!!!
Have a Happy Ground Hogs Day, and a Great Early, Iowa Spring!!!
Barb C.


Abby S said...

Thank Barb

cconz said...

Hey there sweet lady, I'm sooo sick of this snow. It's got to be warming up soon. Say, thanks for the comment. I was thinking of you when i said i might be stepping on some toes. I am not against having kids if you can afford them. but, this woman is a nut case. Also, i read that kids are more easily adopted if you go the foster parent route. like they did. Hope to see you soon.

elizabeth said...

I am just pacing waiting for spring. I do hope it comes a little slowly though. No more of that flood business. By the way I had a great time on our adventure last Sunday! The boots are so awesome! Never know what treasures we'll find. Love you!