Monday, February 15, 2010

A New Day...

Whew.... Spent the weekend, in a basket.... I have no tears left, and my eyes feel like they are full of sand.... Dad wouldn't want me to feel this way... It would break his heart, so I'm up, brushing myself off, and moving foreword... I don't know why, things were so hard, this year... I think, for the last 10 years, during this Valentines time, I have either been in Nashville, doing Heart of Country, or scrambling, getting ready to go... No time to think, or be sad...Guess my heart was making up, for lost time... I called my friend, Patty,{fern hill} on Friday, we both needed an escape, and my pal, Barb H., had mentioned a 'Garden Show', in Des Moines, so I asked Patty if she would like to make a day of it, and she was game! We had a wonderful day. Ran into Barb H. {sisters garden} Had a great visit, but the Garden Show, left a lot to be desired... at least for us... It was more of a 'Home Builder's' show... We wanted to see flowers, and antique garden junk! We had a great time, tho... A wonderful lunch, and some antiquing! Lot's of good conversation.... Steph is re-working 'Fern Hill', and I can't wait to see what it looks like! I have been gathering lots of stuff, but, still need more... Lots of shows, on the horizon, and I need to find some cool stuff, to get me excited! Well, better take on the day! Hope you have a Great Day, too.... Barb C.

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