Monday, February 15, 2010

Liz's House...{Liz-Lemon-Aid }

I just looked at my daughter, Liz's little house...{on her blog, {liz-lemon-aid} She is doing so much, with it!!!! She bought it, 3 years ago... and it is darling. It's a tiny little stucco house, 440 sq. feet... Situated on a huge corner lot, in a wonderful neighborhood... The little house was built in 1920, and has darling little dormers.... It looks like a Gingerbread House... On the main floor, it has 4 equal sized rooms... a kitchen, living room{now dining room} bedroom { now living room} and bathroom, with a darling little staircase, off the bathroom, leading to the attic! It also has a full basement, with a shower... She is in the middle of re-doing the basement, for a large bedroom...She is re-doing the wood floors, and repainting... Liz has transformed this little house, several times, since she bought it...I think, searching for her style, and the little house's style... She always asks for my help... but... I know, she has to make it her way... Liz has a great eye, and she has learned so much, by all of the re-do's! I have given her things, that she likes, she works all the time, and is on a budget, so I'll help her, that way... but this is her journey...and I am loving it!!! I hope she keeps taking pics, as she goes... She posted, and didn't really intend on showing the house.... but I want to see what she does!!!! I am so excited!{ check it out!} Barb C.

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Sweet Repose said...

How do you get to Liz's blog, wanna check out her lil' abode...

Let's just keep chanting SPRING...and maybe it will get here sooner so you can plant them mornin' glories...I'll plant some too.

It's a comin'!!!

see ya...s