Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Iowa City Run!

Took a run, into Iowa City, Yesterday! Found some fun Stuff!!! My last stop was at Artifacts, I sure do like the owner, Todd... He really knows his stuff, and is just fun to visit with! The Shop was full, of all sorts of treasures! It was a treat! Daughter, Liz, is re-doing her home, and was looking for a desk, she has gotten away from the '60's modern, and leaned more cottage... But the truth is, she loves a lot of different styles, and that's who Liz is... So while I was shopping, yesterday, I ran across an old '60's 'study desk', it's that 'blond' color, with 3 tall sides, has long square tapered legs... it had good form, and I thought it would be very cool, in her 'makeover'! I leaned over, to see the price... it was 2.00... I thought, for 2.00, if she didn't like it, we could use the legs, for something... I found her a super comfortable school chair, from the 40's, in excellent condition, for 3.00... It was a great set, for 5.00! I took it over, to her house, last night, and she and Nick, carried it in... It was perfect! Liz will have lots of images, on her blog, as she goes {liz lemon aid} { some folks have had a difficult time, finding her blog, if you do, go to who I'm following, and click on 'liz lemon aid'. Liz decorates with all sorts of things... art glass, vintage tarnished silver, 1/2 round oak table, with the most wonderful pedestal, she painted it an off white, and it is darling... she uses 2 upholstered boudoir chairs, from the 40's, for dining chairs... Liz has paper covered dress forms, she painted, and displays all sorts of stuff, on them, a mid 1800's black Jelly Cupboard, for storage, and lots of Nick's original art work...{ he is very talented... I love his work!!!} She has a huge vintage fiber glass grey hound, from a department store,{ from our coolest friend, Gail H.} perched up high, on the back of a wall she created, to make a divider, in her former bedroom, now living room! It is Sooo cool! She still has lots of painting, and decorating, to do...but it is really taking shape! Tho, her house is only 440 sq. feet on the main floor, { she has a full basement, that is now the bedroom, and shower room} she hasn't tried to use 'scaled down' furniture... If anything, it's all on the large size... It works! and makes the house seem bigger! The little house has very high ceilings, and that really helps! Her guy, Nick, has jumped right in, to help, and I think he is having fun, too! I will be helping John today, finish up some projects, I totally annihilated his shop, Sunday, when I brought in a huge load of primitives...{ sorta 'dumped' in...} EEEK!!!! { I'm always in trouble....} I'd better getta' goin'... 'til next time, Barb C.

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elizabeth said...

I think people are having trouble because there are - in between the words. liz-lemon-aid.blogspot.com. That might help. I hope some of your friends come and visit me! Everyone has such a talent, and I need as much help as I can get. I got a tip about switching my handle on my fridge. Even that helps! Common sense stuff that I over look in the fog of kaous!