Saturday, February 20, 2010

In June... I'll be "Gone with the Wind..."

I love this book.... I love the South... There is truly 'something' about the South... Scarlett loved it, and New Orleans... I've spent a little time there,{ but never seen New Orleans...} and savored every moment... I can't wait 'til June... Driving down the Mighty Miss... BBQ, in Memphis, Creole, in Louisiana... Strong Coffee, and Confections... Yeah, that's what I Love about the South.... Not to mention, Red Dirt, Boiled Peanuts, Plantations, Columns, Statues, Cemeteries, Sweet Potato Pie, Pecans, and MINT JULEPS!!!! And the Sweetest People, with True Blue { I mean Gray} Southern Hospitality!!!! Yee Haw!

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elizabeth said...

FYI I put LOTS of pics on my blog. Beware! Now Mother, after looking at those tell me I don't need help! And I am crazy enough to show the world! ha ha. Check it out. Love Ya!