Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Crazy Day!

Had lots of business to attend to, yesterday... Some very frustrating... I was a 'thorn' to a couple of guys, my hubby, being one of them... A truck dealer, the other... I left both of them scratching their heads....literally... When I do business, I have fun, laugh and visit... But business, is business. I believe in a straight foreword, honest stance...If I love it, I love it... If it's too much, no matter how much I love it, I walk... Period. Not that the piece may be worth it... I would never insult someone, by saying they are asking too much, or what they have to offer isn't worth it... I know what the bottom line is for me...{ no matter how much I may want it} Ultimately, the truck was purchased, for the amount we are limited to... The dealer, I am sure, thought I was a real snot... My husband, after I left, probably made it clear, his opinion was well founded...Oh well... I hate it, when it comes down to the wire... In my life, I have heard every 'sales tactic' imaginable... let it go... Just the facts... Just the facts... That's all we need. You either can, or can't... { in almost 30 years, I have never gotten involved in John's deals... I just couldn't step aside, on this one...Fair is fair....} I was pretty hot, by the time we were done, so headed down to see Charlie, in southern Iowa... Fumed and vented, and he whole heartedly agreed with me...{ about buying what you can afford, and not being in a big rush!} See, that's what friends are for! Peg is sick, so she won't be coming up this weekend! Yeah! She would have had a fit, that some of the Christmas is still up! Charlie and I headed further south, and did some antiquing, then had a great dinner... By the time we had finished shopping, I was cooled off... Antiquing is truly the best therapy! I found some fun stuff, a big bunch of very gnarly old, old umbrellas, a wonderful transferware plate, from Keokuk, Iowa, and all sorts of dibby dabby's! Charlie had some fun stuff, at his place too... As I was dropping him off, he handed me the coolest old pail, and said he thought of me, when he found it, digging in an old barn! I love it, and will keep it, with the birds nests, he always saves for me.... I didn't even hardly talk to John, last night, so I am going to now... I didn't mean to step on his toes, however, I couldn't take one more minute of the haggling... The price was escalating, and the dealer wasn't budging... Bottom line, is the bottom line... business, is business... I guess I really am, like the girl, in "True Grit"... Barb C.

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