Sunday, January 3, 2010


Oh my... Thank Goodness, for Good friends.... I had sold several pieces out of the store, last week, and delivered them, so I had some empty spaces...{yikes!} So I went out and dug around, {in below zero temps... beat on the Big Truck's, frozen sliding door, til it broke loose, dug through the furniture inside, waded through drifts, and only nearly fell, a half a dozen times!} and found some pretty cool stuff! I brought in an old, 5 foot long, 2 board top, pine table... It didn't look so big, outside... well, getting it in the store was quite tricky... Just then, Carolyn A. popped in... on her way home from Des Moines! We maneuvered things around, and thought we were home free, but then, no way... Well, 'yes, way'... We had to get it through an opening, that had cupboards, on either side, the only way to get it into the area it needed to be in, was up, and over the top of them... So I grabbed a chair, hoisted, the not so small table, up, and on top,{ then the legs got stuck, on the 10 foot ceiling...we got 'em unstuck...} of the Old Corner Cupboard, until it was perfectly balanced, and I mean perfectly... It was literally balancing, like it was at the point of a pin head... then I ran underneath, moved the chair, and Carolyn grabbed the end, as it was sliding down...She looked at me, and said, I didn't think I could do that... Oh yes she can! We were both pretty proud of ourselves... I unpacked, loads of new finds, and got everything placed... I also, brought in a hanging corner cupboard, that I was going to keep... It has been sitting in the breezeway, for months, and it isn't fair to the piece... It's way too wonderful, to be so unappreciated... So, I thought, I'll take it to the Store, where I can enjoy it, and I already do... It is truly and amazing cupboard.... It looks sooo happy, hanging beside Virgil's old cupboard, in the Primitive Corner.... I am taking today off, well sort of... Dale is coming, to pick up a few of his things, so he can take them to the Nebraska Show, he and Dan are going to do it... I decided to sit this one out... Then I will be headed up north, a man called me on two old cupboards, so I'm going to go take a peek... One of them has history, concerning Abe Lincoln... Sounds pretty cool! He says he has all of the documentation....Can't wait! I'll keep ya posted! Barb C.

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