Saturday, January 9, 2010

Simply Beautiful!

I picked up this beautiful amethyst sugar urn, from my new friend, Brad... We both absolutely loved it, but neither of us knew a thing about it... I have a way, of feeling something, and just knowing it is very old... My 'Vintage Meter' went off the charts, as I held this in my hands... It is all hand made, pont mark, at the top of the finial, and has an applied foot, with a pont mark, on the bottom, and the shape is wonderful, very much like the pieces I see, that are from the 18th and 19th century... I left a message, for my friend Tom R. who knows everything, about everything, and am hoping he will help figure this out for me... If anyone else may have some idea, let me know... It came from an estate, where there was nothing newer than the early 1900's... Thanks! Barb C.

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Kay said...

Oh I love it! Purple has been my favorite color since I could talk. Let me know what you find out about it. Thanks!