Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Master has Spoken....

I received a call back, from 'The Master', Tom R. His opinion, without seeing it and touching it, in person, is that it dates from the mid 1800's... Going just by the shape, I think so too. I want him to see it in person... It is sooo much darker, and cooler, to the eye...Accurate images are so difficult to capture, with a camera. I know when I look at something, it's not what I see, at first glance... It's when I start dissecting it... The feel, weight, wear, color, craftsmanship... these things are nearly impossible to determine, by an image. That is why I don't buy much, on the Internet, unless I know the person, very well, and have learned how to read them, and their descriptions. I always prefer to buy things I can see and lay my hands on. Unless, of course, it is a 'mass produced' piece, that I am familiar with... Thanks Tom! You are the Master! Barb C.

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Kim said...

WOW! What a piece! Looks very interesting.