Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rudolph Made It!!!

Here's Rudolph! And John said I couldn't do it... He took off, he wanted no part, of putting Rudy in the tree... I think my Dad was here, helping me... Dad, and his role of wire! Between the three of us, { Me, Dad and Rudy...we gotter done!}

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Anonymous said...

Oh Barb this is wonderful. I was reading your recent blogs and decided to look through the old. You cease to amaze me on how artistic you are. Low and behold I had missed your call on Christmas as my lovely daughter decided to play with my phone. I didn't even know you had called for a couple of weeks. Was sure glad I came to the Midwest Show. As always your booth was absolutely wonderful. You always have the most unique items and bring it so beautifully together. God Bless, Maurina