Monday, December 28, 2009

On The Road Again!

I'm taking another road trip, either tomorrow or Wednesday! Maybe both!!! I have deliveries to make, and I can't wait to get on the road again! John's been working overtime, to get all my projects done, I'll be pulling some furniture out of the store, and can't have a 'hole' anywhere... It drives me nuts! I'm hoping he'll get the other Harvest Table done, and another Old Cupboard, finished, so I can get the 'Primitive Corner', filled in! I've got some pretty cool, old, old pieces, that just need a good bath, that I would like to get in! They had been in a barn, for about 20 years, one darling little 1840's Walnut Side Table, really touched my heart. It had endured a fire, at some point, in it's life, and one of it's back legs, and a little of it's apron and top, are charred... I can see it, with the fire raging, someone, throwing it out of the house, to save it... It probably will never sell, but I just had to buy it... My friend, I bought it from, thought, maybe I could 'part it out', and use it's drawer, and wood, for something... Oh no... It will stay complete, at least, in my hands... It made it through a fire, and 20 years in a barn, I'll have it smiling, and put to good use, displaying something wonderful, and worthy of it's endurance!
Barb C.
Happy Trails!

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Betty G said...

I am picturing that little charred table with a little lace doily on it. And perhaps an old well worn Bible and tarnished silver candlestick. :)Luv~Betty G