Monday, December 21, 2009

A Long Day....with the Two Angels riding 'shotgun' all the way!

I decided to take a run, down South, early this morning...The weather doesn't look good, all week... I called Peg, to see if she would like to meet me, and have lunch, and it was a date! I flew down, picked up what I need to, then hooked up with Peg. and we did a little junkin', had a wonderful lunch, and great visit! I stopped on the way home, and visited with my Dear Friend, Charlie...who had saved me some darling birds nests! He had some fun stuff, and we scrounged around, in his barns, and we pulled out some neat old stuff! By then it was getting pretty dark, and the snow was headed my way, so I bid him a Very Merry Christmas, and headed towards home... I still had 90 miles to go, and all of my Christmas shopping, and grocery shopping to do... Gotter Done! I didn't know I could spend money that fast... My little debit card is still smokin'! It sounds like I may be grounded, with a huge storm rollin' in, and I have plenty to do here! { the roads were bad, on the way home, I had to lock in the 4wd!}I have received so many wonderful e-mails, and comments, I love them all, and all who wrote them, Thank You...It's almost 11:00, and I need to find a chair... I'll post more in the morn...
Barb C.

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elizabeth said...

most people have little angels or crosses hanging from their rear view mirror. But you, you have to look in your rear view to see one. For your life I guess you need a hefty angel or two. You are so wild. I love it!