Monday, December 28, 2009


This isn't the little stand, I wrote about, it's one that is in my house.... I was drawn to this little Walnut charmer, while running shops, in Fort Madison, Iowa, {on the Mississippi} years ago, with my old friend, Julie.... It was buried, in a booth, with tons of stuff, all over it. I spotted it, as we were leaving, and carefully unearthed it. When I pulled the drawer, to see the beautiful hand dovetailing, it was all over... Then when I flipped the drawer over, and revealed the wonderful 'makers mark', I about dropped! I knew it was a keeper! I have enjoyed it, for many years, and keep it loaded down with an old Dough Riser, that holds all of my bills, and receipts.... It's a handy little stand, and I love it!

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