Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Begining to Look alot Like Christmas...

I was coming to the conclusion, our Christmas Tree, would not go up this year... I purchased it, the first year we were in the 'new' addition, to our home...9 years ago... We have 16 foot ceilings, so, only the tallest tree available, would do... our 12 footer... It is kind of a pain, to put up, and take down... but always, so worth it...This year, I think for cumulative reasons, it just didn't seem quite so necessary... As John and I were watching t.v., the other night, I said, "well, it doesn't look like I'm going to get the tree up, this year...It had just dawned on me, Christmas is only a little more than a week away..." He didn't say anything... { did I mention, this tree is kind of a pain in the rear...} Yesterday, as I was cleaning house, I heard the strangest noise, like furniture being moved... it was furniture being moved... it was John, making room for the tree... I went down, to the addition, and there he was, dragging out all the totes, from under the landing... It took us all day, to get the tree up, and adorned with 1200 lights...{Ah, no, 1800, lights, I forgot about the last boxes...}{me humming Christmas tunes, the entire time, and, I'm sure driving him crazy! I can't help myself!} The big 'Rudolph', from a store display, that I wanted to hang in the tree, was sitting, and waiting... John says it will never work...too heavy, and we'll break the tree... I'm pretty optimistic, he'll fly... we'll see... What would I do, without John... What a guy... Barb C.

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pollyanns said...

I love it. You are so lucky (as am I) to have someone who completes you that way. Love on him a little extra tonight. Sometimes that little push is just what we need, huh?
I worked the shop today and will again tomorrow, so I won't be getting to you with your platter anytime soon. It's at the shop, should you be traveling about.
Night, night... Pol