Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here's a Few, of my Latest Gatherings...

I LOVE Vintage pin cushions, and was excited, to find these... The Tomato is very large, and carrot's are sooo hard to find... I love old velvet, anything! The Mercury Glass Vase, is really cool, it's all dark, and Gnarly... love it! The Hand painted floral piece, is wonderful... It's silk, and is actually, a Victorian Book Cover... Very Sweet... And, yes, what's an Antique Run, without bringing home, some 'Bobbles and Beads? Oh yeah, more Christmas...The two, wonderful etchings, from the 1850's and early 60's, are titled, 'Maternal Affection' { with the Doe and babe} and 'Ask for it Nanny', { the child and Goat} They are precious! I was sooo happy to find the Ironstone Compote, they are getting so tuff, to get, at a good price, and Todd had it marked very well, so I had to bring it home! I also found the beautiful Staffordshire plate, on my travels, with a pattern I have never seen... The gorgeous Berry Patterned, vegetable Tureen, was calling out to me, it came from a 80 plus year old consigner, that had always had it her's simply beautiful, I also purchased a stunning under plate, that it looks great with! The huge wooden bowl, came from my friend, Todd. It has been in his home, for at least 20years... It has a couple of cracks, but, it also has the most lovely surface, and shape... It has a tiny patch, and if it doesn't sell, as found, I'll have John put some gnarly old tin patches on it! Well, I'd better run! Have a GREAT DAY!!! Barb C.

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