Thursday, December 3, 2009


This cupboard is huge...and the poor old guy, was dumped in...the shop looked just like this cupboard...everywhere, after I started taring everything apart! I got the biggest laugh! Carolyn A. popped in, to lend a hand, and asked if there was something she could do, I was on the floor, putting a corner together, and said, she could tare into the old oak cupboard... The expression on her face, was priceless! I roared! She waved her hands, dropped her jaw, and then waved her hands again, and did a little hula twist... I about dropped flat on the floor! Peg and I decided, maybe she had better not tackle the 'Big Daddy'! She did a wonderful job, working in all the paper houses... and did a great job, on the Christmas display! This old cupboard was a pretty big mountain to climb!

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