Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Wonderful Open House....

It was a crazy morning, getting the last minute things done...but we pulled it off! And what a day... Friends from all over the country came calling... and it was truly a delight to see everyone! Koral and her husband, Guy, started the morning off on a fast pace, they bought several pieces, and my last 'Amana' Christmas tree... they have a wonderful store, in New London, Iowa, that I have got to get back to soon! I truly love their things, and they always have great prices!{319-367-5349} I was sooo busy, I didn't get her info, for her store, just give her a ring, and be sure and visit!
My Pals from Oskaloosa, Iowa, popped in...It is always so great to see these Girls... Betty, Jean and Nancy....{ the Gals in the picture} They are such sweet souls, and have such a wonderful eye... I have been to Jean's home, several times, and it is truly amazing... She should have been an interior designer, it blows my mind....
Allyson, stopped by, and found several treasures, Dale F. popped in, just in time to help us move a piece of furniture in the shop...{remember what I said about his timing? Perfect...}
Lynn and Lea, from southern Iowa, came up, and we had a great visit, and did a little 'horse trading', they brought me up a box full of cool vintage Christmas, some I am putting in my own collection! {Thanks Guys!}
Lori stopped in, and found some treasures, and shared her darling little 'Fairies', she created, I will try and get an image on soon, they are really sweet!
I had several new folks in, as well... I tapped into the 'Gnarly Head' wine, late in the day, and Peg's Mother in Law, and my dear friend, Gerri, shared a glass with me... She is a darling... Gerri works at the Women's Shelter, 3rd shift, and is 78 years old... wow... She is the kindest, gentlest person I know... She and I could visit for hours, we like sooo many of the same things... Her home is adorable, she too, could be an interior designer.
Peg and I were pretty strung out... I had mountains of chocolates, cookies, pound cake, hot, spiced cider, every kind of 'nut', you can imagine, mints, candy, of all sorts...and we munched on them all day.... then topped it off with 'Gnarly Head'....oh my....
Everyone was blown away by the cool old fountain, that Peg and I rescued from the 'yard waste', and were totally impressed by Pegs wonderful painted gourd! Steph, at Fern Hill, wants to have 'Country Homes Garden' do an article on Peg, I think they would be amazed by her talents!
The day was wonderful...I so enjoy seeing everyone, on a slower pace, and not during my Sale... It is always so busy then, and no time to chat. The Store is jam packed, and Peg and I weren't sure if we could get more than 2 people in at a time! But everyone managed quite well, and I think everyone had a good time! I put some new stuff in tonight, and am anxious to see more folks tomorrow!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by, you all made my day!
Barb C.


Kay said...

No baby news? I have been waiting to here all day. :) Sounds like you had a great day!

pollyanns said...

So sad I didn't make it out this weekend! Mount Vernon girls playing the volleyball championship on Saturday and the game before it ran late and pushed everything back so I didn't get to come see you. I hope all went well. Hope to see you this week. I'll call ahead. Miss you!!!

Betty G said...

It's always a treat to be visited by wonderful friends. I am so glad you had such a blessed day. Luv~Betty G~