Monday, November 2, 2009

A Sunday Stroll...{ a seat of the pants getaway!}

What a day... It started out, helping the kids get a huge king size mattress, out of the basement.... They are all moved out.... and spent their first night, in their 'new home'...I told them both, yesterday morning... I am going to miss them... It's not like we eat our meals together, or sit and chat, it's their presence, hearing them come in at night, smelling Kate's wonderful dinners, she would prepare for Justin, it's that energy... just knowing they are close, and safe... I was prepared for them to stay, forever, if they needed and wanted to... With all of the 'major swings' this house deal has taken, since early May... who knew... but I and they know, they are always welcome here... After they took off, so did I. Had to make deliveries, popped in at 'Fern Hill'... {in South Amana} Oh my... Talk about inspiration, and Energy!!!! The Store is Amazing, and they are just setting for Christmas! It truly is like a 'Wonderland'.... But it always is.... Steph was back from doing, yet another Fabric Show... Check out their blogs, they are followers... I think some folks are a little jealous, of Steph... All they see is the finished projects... She does it ALL! All the horrible 'grunt' work, she works harder than any man I know,( what am I saying, any five men, put together!} lifts, lugs, juggles 4 children, a husband, bucks heads with the staff, who 'simply does not have her vision'... Sometimes the negativity from others, wears you down, more than unloading and loading of a 26 foot Penske...{ which she does, almost single handedly, on a regular basis...} She squeezes 40 hours into a 24 hour day, every day... She gets it honestly, her Mother, Patty, is the very same way... I love these Girls... They knock my socks off, every time I breeze through the door! I rushed through the Amana's, then headed back to my store, to meet with a friend, then remembered the Show in Monticello... Crap! I really needed to check out that show! Sweet Polly, was set up there, and I wanted to see what she had brought in... I bailed in the truck and ran! It was a cute show, and I found some cool Christmas stuff, and 2 beautiful punch bowls, that I have orders for, I ran into soo many friends there, Dave and Tammy, I always love their 'sales', they were shopping the show, and having a good time! Connie B. always has big hugs, and great stuff, Carol T. and the Boys from Winds Reach, in Urbana, Iowa, had beautiful refinished furniture... They were a blessing, to so many flood victims, and saved countless pieces, from the landfill. Sweet Polly, greeted me, with her wonderful 'bear hug', and we had a nice visit. I stopped at Whiffle Tree Antique Mall, in Monticello, found a few treasures, headed to the grocery store, then over to the kids' new home, { it was darling... all set up, they looked like they have lived there forever... The old house has truly embraced them...} and finally, my home... 200 miles, in an afternoon... what a day! Today, I'm making deliveries, the marble founts are sold, as well as Saint Teresa. { I called her Mary...My mistake...} Then I'm headed for Illinois... I called a gal, who has some wonderful Christmas stuff, and she is setting it back for me! Ya Hoo! I need a bath, so in the tub, I'm headed. I'll give you a report, on my 'gatherings' tomorrow! Barb C.


pollyanns said...

Thanks for coming to see me! I hope you found some goodies. Loved seeing you!

cconz said...

Going, going GONE! always on the move. You are something. I did'nt think that mary was going any where. Glad the kids are moved in!!!

Betty G said...

Looks like wonderful friends and wonderful goodies! You life is so very blessed! I love your spirit too! ~Luv~Betty