Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Pals...Val and Roxanne....

What do you think about Lexus and Mercedes owners... I say, they are a BLAST!!!! These Gals are truly the most fun to be around! Oh My! Trouble with a capital 'T'! Roxanne collects the bisque flower pots, and I had just gotten these three huge ones in, and out the door they go! And you know Val, I have written about her many times...she simply collects 'cool'.... She has a designer's 'eye', and the most creative spirit! These two Gals have been best friends forever,,, They live many miles apart, but always make time for each other... I love it when they come to call, and they always make me laugh... I told them not to bother, asking for a better price on things, until they invest in a little old Ford Ranger... Discounts don't apply to Lexus and Mercedes owners!!! We have talked about going to Nashville, Heart of Country, in the spring... They always hear my stories, of the escapades, and trouble I seem to get into, down there... They think they would like a little of that action...Hmmm. They are pretty tuff little chic's, but Nashville... well lets just say, it's a darned good thing, that what happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville.... I am sure if we go, Nashville will never be the same...{ and neither will our livers...} Barb C.

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