Sunday, November 29, 2009

Made a Little 'Headway'

Worked in the shop, yesterday, it's getting worse, much worse. The area's that I was trying to keep intact, are getting loaded down... I moved the Monster Green pocket doors,{ 9x2 1/2} to make the new 'walls' and other big storefront doors, I hinged, so one could swing, to get you through to another 'room'. That was my goal, for the day, get the walls set... My store is basically, a three stall garage,{24 x32 } all open, with 10 foot ceilings, I use massive doors, and huge, 10 foot tall cupboards, as room dividers, I had it built this way, so I would never be sorry for having a wall or doorway, in a bad place, when bringing in a big piece. It is an optical illusion, when you walk in, that the store is huge, and goes on forever. When folks walk in, they really can't believe it, the outside, seems so small, and then, I guess, jumping down the rabbit's hole, would be an accurate description. I am making headway, but, it truly is a slow process. My pal, Jan, left me a lovely comment, and thought I should take a ride to MO. and come visit... Oh how lovely that would be. She also said I should hunker down, and quit buying... Good advice, but I have found, when you stop buying, and getting in new things, you also slow down on selling. I have always sold 'wholesale', and flipped stuff, right off the truck. Not a lot of profit, but it keeps things turning. I know my customers well, and for the most part, they trust my judgement, and will buy things, based on my description. I read in my Streams, and also the book that Barb H. gave me, by Joyce Meyer, today, and what I got out of them was, to be still, enjoy life, and have Faith... I am trying. I went down to the store, yesterday, with the attitude, that I would enjoy all the work, and have fun with it...No pressure... What will be, will be. { after resetting the huge store door's hinges 4 times, so they would swing properly, climbing up and down the ladder, a zillion times, and dropping screws, all over the floor, and not getting riled up, I feel that I accomplished something.} A friend called, and is interested in seeing some of the Indiana pieces today, I'll have to get them unloaded. My pal, Polly, offered to come help, with the mess, but truly, it takes me soo long to bring my vision, to reality, I think she would lose her mind... I also tend to 'play', with the treasures I move. I unearthed some wonderful old photo albums, and just stood there, for at least 15 minutes, going through them... They were from a family, near What Cheer, Iowa, back in the 20's, 30's and 40's...Tuff times... But they all seemed to be having a wonderful life... They were farmers, and raised all sorts of livestock, had their dogs, and cats in their black and white photos. Many of the images were from 'threshing' times, all the men in their bibs... This is what keeps me going... The Old Cupboard, that my friend, Virgil, gave me, just weeks before he died... I look at it, and see his face... I have to move it very carefully, it's pretty feeble. He was going to make it like new, but I begged him to sell it to me, as found. He wouldn't. He delivered it to me, as a gift, when I was in Nashville, several years ago, when he had found out he only had a short time left, here. I love it, and him, they are both 'priceless'. I hung an old quilt on the wall, and felt pretty ashamed... It is soo incredibly beautiful, and has been folded up, for how long, in a pile, with others, equally as lovely, but I have no space, to let them shine... This one will smile, for awhile... Yes, I had a pretty good time, ... My Gal stopped by, to peek at the Indiana load, and found several things, and has a couple things, on hold, 'til tomorrow... Peg called, and I felt like the 'Calvery' just showed up, on the hillside! She said she's coming up, tomorrow, to lend a hand! { my friends who just left, didn't see much we skinny'd through the store...ah, but there is hope, and it will be done, by Friday...} 'til next time, Barb C.


summersundays-jw said...

Wish we could come. It's so hard to find good primitives anymore. We're going to the Miss Frenchie's show in KC if things go as planned. It's that time of year when you have to start watching for snow. Just PLEASE put someone in charge of taking pictures. It's so hard when you're trying to take care of customers to get any pictures. I'd love to see what the shop looks like. Hope it's a great weekend. Jan

Anonymous said...

I will take the corner. Did you unload the table?

K said...

Hang in there Barb! I totally understand the Walmart mentality. It is the same with chain restaurants. We have to keep doing what we do best and as you said...have faith!
John will be having surgery Wednesday morning. If I am in the area I will make sure I stop and say hey! :)

simplyiowa said...

Hey Anonymous, ring me! I'll have the table ready to veiw when you arrive!
Barb C.