Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holiday Open House....Next Weekend!

I am seeing a 'gliimer' of hope.... { tho I don't think some of my customers did, yesterday... I had a large group come through, and one of the guys said, " I don't think I could work here, I have to have everything organized,,," I replied..."You're Hired!!!! Get busy!"} The week before any event here, is a BIG MESS! You have to have a lot of vision, to not get discouraged.... 90% of the time, the shop will get done...There have been a few occasions, when it didn't, but the funny thing is, most people don't know it didn't... I don't know if that's good, or bad.... My pal, Bill B., popped out, yesterday afternoon, and we did a 'cupboard swap'! He brought me out a cool, painted counter, type thing, with a bunch of drawers, that will be perfect for an Island! And I sent an Oak Pantry Cupboard, home with him... We both decided, we buy things by the pound... We like heavy, heavy stuff! Lori popped out, and got lost in the little shop...I kept asking her if she was o.k. { I even had Bill check in on her once!}{ I was running back and fourth, between jobs, loading and unloading, and she seemed quite content!} She said she was putting fairies in jars... and was seeking 'cool jars'...O.K......{poor little fairies...} I truly can't wait to see them! I think we could be 'fast friends', she is a healthy girl, athletic, a 'runner', creative, { I can tell she follows through with all of her ideas, too.} slim and trim...put together, and an organized type of gal... about my total opposite... Oh yea, someone I always wish I could be more like....But I'll be content, watching off in the distance, with a glass of wine, smokin' a stogie, and eating a snickers...and cheering her on! Most of my closest friends are like her...Well, maybe not the athletic part... But healthy, creative, organized, well groomed, well educated folks...hmmm...{ why in the world do they hang around me... maybe I keep them in 'check', and they see what would happen, if they should ever fall off the wagon....I am sure their houses seem 'spotless', after leaving my humble abode!} For whatever reason, I Love these 'put together' type of people... Maybe, it's because, I left out two important attributes... they are also accepting, and non judgemental...The rest of their conformation, really doesn't matter...That is what I truly love... that is what they all have in common...Just plain, good folks... Barb C.

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pollyanns said...

Hey Barb! I'm exhausted. Three shows in a row, but I SURVIVED!!! I've worked two very long days in the shop trying to get things put back together and I've got two more days to go and then I'm quitting for a few days. I got a lot done today, but really felt like I was spinning my wheels a lot... at one point when Bob and I had moved a library table to a new spot and I asked him to level it (for the second time)... he declined and said "how about we wait and see if it is actually going to stay there"... Touche', bully for him... I made him move so many things so many times. I'm still now happy with how it looks, but it is closer to being "done" for this go-round... Hope you are well - Pol