Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Hickory Hill

Hickory Hill is owned and operated by Judy Donovan. {The girl with the black eye... she was attacked by one of her displays, as she was setting the Store, for the Open House!!!! And people think this business is all fun and games...!} Her Store is on 1st Ave. West, Cascade, just north of Cranberry Hollow. I had visited Judy, earlier this year, but have never had the opportunity to visit during her Holiday Open House...Oh my... She has wonderful Antiques, and also mixes 'new' with them... Judy has a great 'eye', for her gatherings. I never leave her store without treasures in tow, either! Last time I was there, I loaded the truck, pretty heavy... Everything was so beautiful, I didn't want to disturb any displays! Judy is sooo fun to listen to, she was 'sparring' with one of her regular customers, and was really cracking me up! I truly enjoy her, and all the Cascade Gals... They are extremely hard workers, and devoted to their business. Here is Judy's information! Hickory Hill Cascade, Iowa {on North Main Street} {563} 852-5161 call for e-mail address

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