Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Christmas Carol...You Have Got to See it!!!!

Liz, Nick and I went to see this movie.... Oh my Gosh!!! It was Amazing!!!! It's in 3-D, and was absolutely wonderful! When it comes out on dvd, I will own it! I intend to go back and see it again! If you go, go to the best theater near you, my daughter Liz insisted that we go across town, and I couldn't understand why... We have a theater near my house, and what's the big deal? It was a big deal! Wow! This movie will knock your socks off...You wouldn't even know, that Jim Carrey is Scrooge... Wow!!! This is not for small children, 12 and up, will love it! Barb C. { I am also going to see Alice in Wonderland, when it comes out...Johnny Depp plays the Mad Hatter! And since everyone seems to think my store is like jumping down the rabbit's hole, well it would only be right to see what they mean... It will also be in 3-D... the preview is amazing... It opens in March!}


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Barb, thanks for the heads up about "A Chistmas Carol". We usually wait until the DVD comes out, but the 3-D will make it worth the effort to go. My husband is a CC fanatic, loving the old movies. This ought to be a treat!
Wish you could come to Jan's Open House. It was awesome! I really miss being part of the store, but with my health issues, it was just impossible.
Looks like you have a million wonderful things going on up there. Take care!
Big Hugs

cconz said...

I'm waiting for alice too, it looked great! I'll go see scrooge, if it has your recommendation.