Friday, November 27, 2009

Back to Business...

Thanksgiving was wonderful! The Baby is amazing, and we got to hold him and squeeze him! Liz came over early, and helped out, that was sooo nice. Justin, Kate and the Babe arrived around 11:00, and we ate around 2. All the food turned out pretty good...I made 2 sweet potato pies, and a dutch apple...I cook with an early 1900's stove, that doesn't have an oven thermometer, so I have one that hangs in the oven...or did vanished...So my pies got a little crispy, but tasted pretty good! We had turkey, smoked turkey, candied yams. corn, sour cream garlic mashed potatoes, smoked oysters, cranberry relish, crab dip, veggies of all sorts, my famous dressing, really enough for 30 people, but I sent tons home with the kids, they will eat well for a week!{ it really is all about the 'leftovers!} I also took one of my favorite pudding molds, from the mid 1800's, it's early Ironstone, or soft paste, mixed up a German chocolate cake, with walnuts and cherries, sprayed a little 'pam' in the mold, and threw it in the micro....Liz and I stood back, wondering if the mold would explode...It didn't, and the cake was wonderful! I wonder if the maker of that beauty could have ever dreamt, that it might be used in a micro...I don't think so! We put all the meat on the beautiful, huge Staffordshire Platter, that I picked up this summer, and it did it's job, very well...{Wonder what was on it the first time it was used, back in 1840? I'm headed down to the Shop, and will keep taring away... It's pretty ugly, but just knowing how fun it will be, has me energized! I visited with Peg this morning, and she said she would be glad to come up next week, but thought I would probably have all the hard stuff done by then.... I hope so! Hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving, and a fun, safe weekend!! Barb C

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