Friday, October 23, 2009

The Old Dog...

I bought this old painting, at an estate sale, in Mt.Vernon, Iowa, last year. It hangs on my, and Ed's favorite cupboard, in my house. This painting reminds me of the 2 nights, I slept outside, one night in my little Ford, and the next on the porch, of the Grand Victorian Home, with friends, laughing and carrying on...{ I'm surprised we weren't all arrested!} {I was number one...don't dare me, if you don't want it done...} Every time I look at it, fond memories fill my soul...But the real meaning, of this painting, reminds me of all the wonderful Hounds that have shared my life... It is a Grand Memorial, to the Unconditional Love, I have been so very Blessed with... I see them in Heaven, resting, waiting, at my Fathers feet, surrounded by a warm, glowing fireplace, until I may come join them. Barb C.

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