Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Kids' House has Closed....

I know I have been kind of 'weird', for the past several months... Those that know me well, know I am just plain 'weird', all of the time... My life, it seems has been a Major 'roller coaster' ride, for really, the last 3 years... I attribute this, to my growing Faith... I know that seems strange.... But with every swoop, and dramatic, weightless drop...have also come blessings...immeasurable blessings... Now I could stand here, and list every hard blow, one by one, but what does it really matter... The point I am trying to make is this...With every hard knock, so comes a blessing... If you open your eyes, and look for them, even tho you may be hurting, or even crushed... Don't let those dark moments, steal your joy... You may suffer financial difficulties, betrayals, loss of a loved one, poor health and even loss of self.... Don't give up... I have learned, for everything, there truly is a season... When enduring raging storms, it is very difficult, to see the glimpse of a rainbow...It is there... {it may be in the opposite direction, that we have been focusing on, and come from a place you never would have dreamed... just as quickly as the disappointments, also attacked, in a split second, from places you never could have imagined...} We must have patience, and Faith...} The important thing to remember is, keep moving... I can not tell you, how many times, I wanted to do nothing more, than sit in the recliner, eat M&Ms, and channel surf, for my true friend, Sponge Bob... I made myself move...and every time I felt I was a my lowest point, I would receive a call from a friend, or receive an encouraging comment, on my blog, or even meet a stranger, who would give me the message I needed to hear... I swear by 'Streams in the Desert', it has carried me through, by teaching me to 'see' these blessings, more and more...everything truly happens for a reason... This 'house' journey, has been a real walk with God... I have struggled with so many emotions, this entire summer, well, it all seems like a blurr...I feel like a student, who has just graduated, after a long, long session. I believe I see many things more clearly, and have grown a lot. For a while, this summer, I felt as tho, my house was built on shifting sand... and the strong columns, I reached out to cling to, were crumbling at my feet... As I stood there patiently, and bewildered, the Lord truly opened my eyes... what a huge blessing... I now know which Column will stand, through it all. The Kids are moving into THEIR new home, today...Baby due, any minute... An old friend, once told me, " God is never late..." I knew this all along... When I turned it all over to God...He put everything into the correct hands, ones that are truly beyond reproach.... The Kids have started their own journey, now.... It's for them to make or break... We all have a road we must walk, and endure many painful situations. Without them, well, I'll say it again, "It's the weights on the Old Grandfather Clock, that make it go...", and the most beautiful roses, would never be as grand, without some pretty severe pruning... Life has some painful circumstances, but if you never endure them, you could not grow, into the best you can be... I thank God, for all the rocky roads he has sent my way. {my feet are getting pretty tuff} My mind's a little foggy, { life has truly been intense, for sometime...} I think the most baffling thing, has been the enlightenment... all I can say is WOW...Maybe all the 'hard knocks' were the blessings... { I don't belong to any organized religion, as you see, I believe in God, and speak to Him throughout the day... He has carried me... and continues to do so... I slip and fall, make lots of mistakes, smoke, drink too much wine, occasionally, and stand on my 'soap boxes' more than I should... I wish the best for all, and pray for those who are enduring a crooked path...and have faith, that they too will see the Rainbow...} Barb C.


pollyanns said...

You are the rainbow's pot-o-gold, honey!!! Congrats on closing on the house... I'll pray for that little grandbaby... make sure you let me know when it gets here. You are the blessing, love... you are the blessing!!!
On a lighter note - got set up for Monticello today... bought a nice crock and little Lisa did a face plant on the floor and is looking like quite the bruiser. It's not a big show, but I am feeling very positive about it and know that good will come out of it. I'll be posting pictures of my booth soon.
Love and hugs - Pol

summersundays-jw said...

Hope we all have a better year next year -- this has been a tough one for lots of us. Sounds like you're getting things figured out. It's a hard lesson to just stop sometimes & listen to what He is saying. Glad your kids are getting their house & sounds like you're going to be a g'mother. Those g'kids are the best. Keep the faith. Jan