Friday, October 23, 2009

Green Table...Ready to Go!


crowbiddy said...

good luck at the sale Barb, I hope you sell out.
p.s. I'll let you know once I get my blog going.

pollyanns said...

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I know it will all come together, but I'm getting pretty tired and I have quite a bit to do yet tonight and in the morning. Some things won't be priced, but I'll be there and they can ask, right? I just keep repeating my mantra... I have the devine ability to manifest and attract all that I need and desire... It keeps me goin'

simplyiowa said...

Hey Bev!
Thanks for the good wishes! No worries, it will be a wonderful show! Wish you Gals were here! I'll try and take lots of pics!
Barb C.