Monday, September 14, 2009

A Wonderful Visit at Don's New Store...

I took a short drive yesterday morning, to Amana, Iowa. My friend Don, had found some wonderful cast iron book shelves, that had originated from the old Law Library, at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City. He wasn't sure about purchasing them, and I asked him to grab them, and I would take them, sight unseen. They are wonderful, heavy, but wonderful. I have been soo busy this summer, I haven't had the opportunity to check out his new Store, so this was a real treat! Don is an amazing man, I've mentioned him several times in my blog, he is extremely knowledgeable in so many categories, and has truly been a life line to myself and others. Don is also one of the most honest, people in the business that I know. I send many people to him, when they have interesting merchandise for sale, that I have no knowledge on. I have no doubt he will treat people with respect, and be totally fair. He is in my book, beyond reproach. Here are just a few of his categories: Country Store pieces, advertising pieces from everywhere, Civil War Memorabilia, Vintage Paper{ diaries, journals, letters, labels, posters, Business letterheads, postcards, calling cards, anything of importance to small towns, and communities} toys, from Disney to match box, games, dolls, movie memorabilia, lodge memorabilia, farm collectibles, original art work, folk art, vintage clothing, jewelry, apothecary pieces, pharmaceutical, and medicinal memorabilia, books, kitchen collectibles, Amana and Iowa City memorabilia, tavern and restaurant memorabilia, sports collectibles, 'Hawkeye' collectibles, political pieces, as I'm writing this, I think the list would be shorter, if I told you what he wasn't knowledgeable on.... I really can't think of one category, that he doesn't have some degree of intelligence on, concerning antiques and collectibles... Wow.... It was a real treat strolling through his Store, he is always willing to educate people on his collections, he is soft spoken, and though he could boast about his wonderful, rare finds, he never would. He could laugh at my ignorance, instead, he shares his knowledge, freely, and educates in a language I can process. I hope you have the opportunity to visit Don, and just listen, as he walks you through his diverse collection. He is an amazing person, with some amazing pieces. His prices are always fair, just like he is. You won't leave empty handed, promise.... Don is located in the village of Amana, on the east end of Main Street, he may be reached at 319-430-5043 {} or come visit any day, except Tuesday, at the Store. You will love it! 'til next time, Barb C.

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