Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Sign is Still up...

The Sign is still on the door... I did get a lot done, wired some fixtures, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, got groceries, and I'm up early, and ready to go, go, go! { I was out of Starbucks yesterday, but today, I'll drink a pot, and use the grounds like a wad of Skoal! Look Out!} The biggest problem I have, is me. I have to clean everything, then set a display, eye ball it, like Picasso, move this and that, tweek, here and there, add a little red, have everything flowing....I just want to scream at myself! No time to be a perfectionist!!! I commented on my blogger friend, Jan's blog {summersundays} By Sale time, the place will look like a landfill, except for one small corner, that will be perfect... I need 10 of me...Hopefully I'll get the back green house and front one done today.tic toc... I'll have images later this eve. My friend Polly {pollyanns] invited me to come help her display her porch, at her store, for Halloween, she doesn't have a clue, how incredibly SLOW I am! Maybe she should come watch me work...and bring a calendar... 'til next time, Barb C.

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