Friday, September 25, 2009

The Sign is Down!

I am proud to say, the back green house is done.... it was dark, when I finished up, so I'll try and get some images today. Only 6 buildings to go! {and 5 days to get'em done, oh, and the lawn has to be set, as well...} It's raining like crazy, so I'll be working inside the shop and front green house today! I had lots of visitors, yesterday, Steph, {Fern Hill} {if you could have seen her expression, when she walked into the green house, well, it was priceless...'stunned' would be a good description, it was still on the rough side, yesterday morning. She brought me a huge Starbucks, and was sure I could get everything done, by sale time...} Then Carolyn A. popped in, she was positive, and encouraging, but was trying to figure out her schedule, and make time to come help... I don't think she has quite the confidence that Steph had, on me getting this all done... My Pal Val, swung through, we walked over the property, I pointed out the buildings that we couldn't even get inside the doors of, and she said, "great!, I love it when you can hardly get in the door!", she is a riot...{ I want what ever she is taking...} Then Mark stopped in, he had called on his way out, and said he had found something, that truly had my name on it...when he saw it, he had to buy it, he just knew I would love it... He was correct... I love it, it is a keeper. It's an old, old document box, with a little divider, inside... the box is embellished with leather leaves and flowers... it probably dates from the mid to late 1800's, and it is awesome... I visited with my friend, Tommy, yesterday, she's coming out to the sale, to shop. Tommy has the Best Coffee Shop! {Fuel} in Mt Vernon, I have mentioned it before, her coffee will, dare I say it, Give You Wings! She asked if she should bring me some, I didn't stutter.... It sounds like there's going to be some wonderful stuff coming in! Loads of cool stuff! I always tell people, I don't care what you bring, as long as it's Old, and priced to Sell! I am getting pretty tired, yet, pretty excited... I think the sale is going to be Great! I'll be getting my ad's in today, gathering pumpkins, getting my flier's out and working in the Store. I'm really not worried about getting it all done. My heart is willing, I hope my body will hang in there for another week and a half. When I put it into perspective, it's like doing 10 Shows, all at once...Plus, being a promoter, of sorts. Thank goodness, all the folks that come and bring things, are seasoned, and extremely hard workers, this Sale is not for the 'faint of heart'! Several years ago, a friend of mine was set up here, and helping with people, { she had always worked corporate} right in the middle of the sale, she walked out... she said, "you are all crazy... this is way too much work, and not enough money..." We all just stood there, looked at each other, and started laughing, I turned around and said, "hell, tell us something we don't know..." Anyone who is in this business, at any level, will tell you it's incredibly hard, stressful work. But if you love it, truly love it, what is that worth...I'll tell you, it's priceless... 'til next time, Barb C.

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cconz said...

barb, i get tired just reading your blog! Wow, so much going on, in just 1 day in your life.