Saturday, September 12, 2009

Old Cupboards...

What is it about old cupboards, that will have me drop everything and run... My friend Vi, called yesterday, to let me know she had gotten in an old, rough cupboard. I had customers visiting, friends that were on their way to see me, and I totally dropped everything, called my friends that were on their way, we'd have to re-schedule, invited my customers to either ride along with, {130 miles} or keep shopping and call me with any questions... I was out the door! One of my customers took me up on the ride, and we had a great visit, and totally corrected all the world's wrongs...
The funny thing is, my friends and customers totally understood. Go, Go, Go! They didn't want me to miss this old cupboard either! { I have the Best Customers in the world!}
When we got to Vi's, we walked out back of her store, and took a peek at this old Farm House Work Horse... The Old Gal is on the rough side, but the potential is there, the poor old soul, it just said, please take me home... I loved it, and when John works his magic, it will sing, and stand proud.
I hope to have 'er done this week for Gold Rush, if not, it will be wonderful for the Fall Harvest Sale, here at home.
A busy day awaits, so let's take it on!
'til next time,
Barb C.

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