Friday, September 25, 2009

I Know how this Angel feels...

A photographer from California gave me this image, she had captured it, in a cemetery somewhere in California. I could totally relate to this Angel... The first time I saw it, was right after I had been working in my shop, all day and night, trying to make room for a Monster cupboard. { 8 feet wide, 8 feet tall and 3 feet deep, two pieces...BIG!} I was moving other huge cupboards around, getting tired, and weary, and lazy. I thought I would move a piece, without moving others, in it's way, surely I could squeak past... well, I didn't make it, it was like domino's... and the biggest casualty was a set of brown transferware, Old Mother Hubbard Nursery Rhyme Children's Tea Set... I collect this myself, it is almost impossible to find, anywhere... I walked up to the pile of broken, little dishes, that I should have kept, for myself, but couldn't afford to, walked out the door, where the Monster Cupboard was waiting, and threw myself over the top of the cupboards top, and wept... just like the Angel. I don't know how long I was outside, but I knew I had to go back in, and clean up the mess... I grabbed the dust pan, and picked up all the precious little pieces, as I sat there on the floor, I thought, I could glue these back together. I guess God knew I would love them whether they were in one piece or a hundred, and now I can afford to keep them. I treasure those little dishes, they make me smile, every time I look at them. There have been many occasions, since I received this beautiful image, that I have felt this way, but I look at those little dishes, and realize, with every hard blow, comes a soothing gift. It may not be what you could ever dream, or have ever imagined, it's better... I don't think those little dishes would have ever given me so much joy, if I had just kept them, in the first place. Sometimes, it truly is about the journey... Barb C.

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common ground said...

Such a lovely post. Thankyou for sharing it today. It is amazing how we can find "God's Voice" in what others have to say. In what I am experiencing this last week, these words are a great comfort.
Hugs and Blessings,